Memento Drawer – Old Stage Left








Tonight I dumped my memento drawer into a box

And turned on Nature, to accompany my foraging

Through ten years of precious moments caught on paper

Programs, postcards, thank you notes from actors, writers

Newspaper clippings.

Stage Left this and that. A pile grows at my feet.

There’s the TC folder. “All My Children” schedules.

Estrogenius and Left Out and Women at Work

Festivals. And at the bottom, a quick poem

Dashed off when the first Stage Left was new.

And I was grieving for my mother and best friend

Died two weeks apart.

Right before I moved out of the condo

My ex helped me move–

a good man.

He found the first Stage Left in the New York Times

Real Estate section.

In between the deaths

The day after a real estate agent told me,

“What you seek does not exist. Good luck.”

I found it.


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