How to Recognize Opportunities

IMG_3223.2-shoreline-trailI’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks quotes of the day, and of the basic principle behind them– which is that we need to pay attention to what we want, and to allow that to manifest in our lives.

Lately I have seen this principle playing out in my own life. Having made up my mind that I want to quit running a performance space in Manhattan, because of high rents and diminishing income, I decided to follow my heart.  My heart had been yearning for freedom from the oppressive management and marketing schedule I’ve been living with for years now. I’ve been longing to escape certain negative things about living in NYC – the noise, the expense, the crowding and the dirt. I’ve been craving blue skies, wind in my hair and days without schedules.

I decided to go on the road for a year, working with friends on art projects around the world, and then to settle down somewhere in the Southwest, working as a theater practitioner but not managing a venue.

I focused first on Santa Fe, NM. I lived in Albuquerque for four years, back in the 70’s. I love that climate and that laid-back New Mexico feel. I went to Santa Fe to check out the theater scene, and found that Santa Fe is a mecca for fine arts but not so much for theater.  But since I have a year or more to play with, I didn’t allow that to get me down. I have time to make up my mind where to go and what to do when I get there.

I mapped out most of my year on the road – anchoring it with a directing gig in the spring of 2016 at my friend Wendy Ishii’s theater Bas Bleu in Ft. Collins, CO. I did my solo show “not a nice girl” there back in the early 2000’s. I taught my workshops at Bas Bleu and in the local school system, and at Colorado State University. I became close friends not only with Wendy, but with a member of her board of directors, Jon Prouty. Jon loved my work and invested in my first solo show, and over the years he and I have provided guest bedrooms for each other when we were in each other’s towns.

Then, a couple of months ago, Jon came to NYC to visit with his kids, and we had lunch and talked about my plans. I had been noting that Colorado is investing its marijuana taxes into the arts and schools, and I know that Ft. Collins had not only Bas Bleu, but also a thriving theater scene, and three times the population of Santa Fe. I also know that the climate there is much like that of New Mexico – lots of sunny days, big blue skies, plains, wind, red rocks, aspens and spruce trees in the mountains. Jon said, “You could teach at the university. You could stay at my house, or at Wendy’s house. I could introduce you to people who can help you make a place for yourself here.” Jon is a very wise man, an architect who runs a successful business, and I took in what he had to say. That very afternoon I called Wendy, who echoed his remarks, and urged me to come and stay with her, in her big house.

Over the past few weeks, I have allowed that vision to replace the Santa Fe one. And I have asked my body what it thinks of the idea. My body likes it, much better than the Santa Fe plan. I have been craving ease. What is easier than going to a town where people want me to come, where there’s a theater that is successful and eager to have me, where there is already a place to stay and a place to work and a chance to have that beautiful weather?

During the two months in 2016 that I will spend in Ft. Collins directing this show, I can try it on for size as a place to live. There is no down side to this plan, not that I can see. Sure, there will be challenges in Ft. Collins, just as there are everywhere, but they will be counterbalanced by the excitement of carving out a place for myself, and by those blue skies, and by that fine Bas Bleu theater and my good friends.

I am leaving my options open, of course, as who knows what this year will bring. But my compass is pointing a bit further north these days, and the artistic red carpet offered by my friends in Ft. Collins, CO feels like just the opportunity I have been wanting.


3 thoughts on “How to Recognize Opportunities

  1. Sounds like the universe is sending you a little north of your original destination, and why not? I’m glad that things are falling into place for you, Cheryl. xo

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