Mabel McCoy re: Honey Boo Boo cancellation

Mabel-FKThis is a guest posting by Mabel McCoy.

I was reading this article last night in my Google Nexus 7 tablet about the cancellation of Honey Boo Boo. And the writer said, “TV shows that stereotype rural Southern families are ‘hicksploitation.”

So I know what that is – some media person bein clever putting the word hicks with the word exploitation. But puttin’ down hicks is nothin more than plain ol’ bigotry.

Now, when most people hear my accent they figure me for a hick. So I decided I oughta poke some holes in that kind of thinking.  I looked up hick in Wikipedia, and it says this – an uneducated or stupid person from a small town or the country.

But being from a small town or the country doesn’t make you stupid. Even if we sometimes say ain’t and even if we don’t dress up in the latest fashions that don’t mean we’re uneducated.

I graduated from high school by the time I was 20. It was a GED. I’d of got my diploma when I was 17 but I dropped out of school ‘cause I had to get married. And no, I did not have to get married because I got knocked up. No, that is not the reason. It was my Daddy.

I put up with it for a long time, from the time I got my tits to when I got as tall as he was. And I had no one to help me. My mama was dead, and we didn’t have any other family, so we was kinda on our own. He was ok when he was sober, but once he got to drinkin, then he…

I myself got tired of it after a while, and I’d told myself I was gonna bite the damn thing off next time he shoved it in my mouth. But I was afraid of what he’d do.

And then one day he cornered me in the barn, and started pushing my head down there, and I just decided now or never, so I went ahead and put it in my mouth and then I bit down on it. Not too hard but enough so that he couldn’t move, and when he hit me in the ears I just bit him harder and he hollered and said, “Let go, Let go.” and I did. Then he beat on me for a while.

But he never tried to push my face down there again, and he didn’t hit on me so much either. But then my sister started getting her tits, and I watched him, and one day, I spotted him following her into the barn, so I waited ‘til he came out and went in the house, and then I went out there. And, sure enough, there she was, my sweet little sister, vomiting in the hay. And I said, “Did he make you put it in your mouth?” and she said, “Yes,” and I knew I had to do something. So when dumb ol’ Ricky from down the road asked me to marry him, I didn’t care if he was ugly or stupid. It was a way to get out of that house, and take my sister with me, which I did.

Anyway, I got distracted. I was talkin about hicks and Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

So maybe she is consorting with child molesters again and maybe she ain’t. If the photos they got are recent, then she is, and she should be ashamed of herself. Child molesters should be kept away from kids, and if she doesn’t think so, then she’s just as stupid as they say she is. But that don’t make all rural Southerners hicks. I, for one, am glad the show is cancelled. It’s givin all us “hicks” a bad name.



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