“Liking” on Facebook – Or Not

facebook_like_button_by_ockre-d3gg3snFirst, I read this article posted on Facebook by Tam Paquette https://medium.com/@schmutzie/i-quit-liking-things-on-facebook-for-two-weeks-heres-how-it-changed-my-view-of-humanity-29b5102abace

I replied to her post – “I’m going to try it. Starting now. Thanks, Tam.”

The following morning, within 30 seconds of logging on to FB, I accidentally “liked” something. I gasped out loud, and then quickly “unliked” it . Then I hoped no one noticed me do that. Then I noticed myself noticing that. Then I thought, “Wow, the article was right. I don’t use that “like” button for a quick pat on the back, but as a substitute for actually saying something. The rest of the day I managed not to “like” anything. Instead I was compelled to actually “say” something, so the poster would know I had been there. This made me think about how much I care about somebody knowing if I had been there, and what that says about my sense of security.

Now it’s Day Two of my experiment in refraining from hitting that “like” button. I have learned to either actually comment or move on by, without the mental song and dance. I’m actually enjoying the freshness of my response, or failure to respond. It’s bizarre how much it makes me pay attention to what I’m doing – to actually have to put into words what I mean (what does that tell you?). And here’s something new I just discovered. You can experiment with your comments. I just now commented “oooooooooooooooo” and realized that I can be more articulate in one keystroke than I thought I could. This is an experiment that makes me think. I like it.


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