Quality-Based Decision-Making



This week I made numerous decisions and acted on them. These decisions dealt with various levels of quality – in my personal life, in my business life, in the running of my space, in the casting of my shows.

In these decision-making processes, I had to factor in friendship and loyalty, skill and talent, strategic advancement… you know– little things like that.

I used quality as a yardstick – searching for the path of integrity – the one based on self-respect and respect of others.

I considered these factors:

What I want (a certain measure of stability and peacefulness)

What others deserve (the truth, delivered compassionately)

What the audience deserves (a quality show)

Once I made my decisions, I acted on them right away. And, as a result of four decisions, things that looked like problems resolved themselves or were resolved – people moved on, adjustments were made, accommodations were given (with no rancor or resentment). The miracle is that at the same time, high quality opportunities came my way – new people showed up, new offers were tendered, feelers I had put out were picked up. My life and work now appear far richer, more abundant, more satisfying. I can see the way forward.

This makes me grateful to the forces in my life that have taught me how to think and act this way – forces like Seth Speaks (the book by Jane Roberts) , Abraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks channeling) , Carol Fox Prescott (my acting teacher) — and grateful to my dear friends and collaborators who share my focus on quality. It makes for a good life.


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