Facebooked to Death

Anti_Facebook_Stamp_by_StarDragon77New York City is a major challenge when it comes to selling your show. There are way too many good shows going on at any given time, and getting the word out to the audience is a test of ingenuity. So it’s no wonder that many of us turn to Facebook to spread the word.

But just as an inch of peanut butter is too much for a sandwich, so is a daily promo blast on Facebook. Some people post about their solo shows on multiple Facebook sites every day. It may be a big thank you shout out about selling out the last show, or a request for people to buy tickets, or an online testimony about how wonderful it is to be in a solo show, or how grateful the performer is to be in the business of solo show – the format may change but the message is not different enough, IMHO, to justify the daily deluge of Facebook posts.

As the producer of multiple shows, I go online on a regular basis to tout the offerings at Stage Left Studio.   I am also a Facebook promoter, so I am probably testing the patience of some readers by too many postings. I worry not only that I am exhausting the good will of my FB friends, but that soon (or maybe already) FB posts will lose any efficacy at all.

So what can I do? What can the well-intentioned others do, other than to drown the Facebook audience in our postings?  I think a once in 3 days schedule might be a better choice.  That’s the policy I am practicing.  In between FB postings, I can Tweet, or find websites where I can list my shows. I can find friends and ask them to email their friends. I can grow my mailing list and send to them. I can put out postcards, visit concierges and talk up the shows, go to universities and rehearsal studios and drop off flyers. I can find something – anything – other than Facebook – which shouldn’t be our only online billboard.


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