Twice a week is enough

KeyboardThese people are moving onto the page. It’s as though I were transcribing the action, it comes that smoothly.

This new play of mine– I’m writing it in two great floods per week – during my Tuesday and Thursday writing workshops. We write and read and have feedback sessions, two times each workshop. I’m moving through four scenes a week, and getting brilliant feedback from my fellow writers. Probably it’s true for all of us, but certainly it’s true for me, that in between these two sessions per week, somehow the unconscious knowing of the action and characters is occurring. For me, it’s much like in a dream, where you can bi-locate. I am all the characters, and I see them at the same time. Events occur that seem both perfectly fitting and utterly unexpected. There’s no sense of manufacture, though it is a work of fiction. The plot exists, but I’m not imposing it on anything. It unfolds.

Truly exhilarating.


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