The Value of Working With Passionate Professionals

from Wired ARts GrapefruitClick on this link to see the online newsletter – and Grapefruit.
Last year I did a solo show, Sally Lambert’s “Grapefruit,” in the Wired Arts Festival. It was a great experience from start to finish. Kathryn Velvel Jones and the rest of the crew at VirtualArtsTV have a great vision for the future – putting live performance online. Think about it. There’s a global audience, now that we have the internet. Why should we be limited to the audience who can actually make it to the theatre? And here we are, 9 months later, and they are featuring “Grapefruit” in their newsletter this week. You can watch my show, for free.
This is the reality that is driving my current passion – I want to create a theatre/retreat center in northern NM – Taos or Santa Fe. I’ll invite locals to the shows, for a very low price, and then put the shows out to the world for a very low price. If I can get enough people watching the shows, even at $5 a pop, then I can pay the rent and have a bucolic lifestyle in my favorite place on earth, the high desert.
I’m so grateful to trailblazers like the crew at VirtualArtsTV for getting this kind of work online.


3 thoughts on “The Value of Working With Passionate Professionals

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    • That’s exactly what my sister said when I sent her a photo last week of a place in Taos that’s for sale. Now you’ve confirmed it. Thanks very much and stay tuned. Perhaps when it comes closer to fruition you can be a Kickstarter contributor.

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