Go Through Your Drawers

Brain_by_GlowsInTheDarkSometimes it’s hard to get started. You have an urge to write but you’re not sure what. That’s a good time to go through your drawers – whatever form they may take. For me, it’s the files under CK Writing. It’s good to see if you have anything you jotted down that is worth focusing on. Sometimes I amaze myself. Like with the little tiny scene i just found.

Brain Secret

Should I call you Doctor Blocker, or Frank, or….
Call me whatever you like.
Ok. Where’s the couch?
What couch?
Don’t you guys have couches?
That’s so last century.
Oh, ok.

So tell me, what;s the reason you came to see me today?
I just realized something about the way I see myself.
And that is….
I’ve got a brain.
A what?
See? Even you are surprised.
I’m not surprised. I just don’t know what to say. So you have a brain.
Yes, but nobody knows it.
What makes you believe that?
I can tell.


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