Start it Now

I was so fired up from my writing workshop yesterday, where I am writing a play, which is still in the beginning stages. I discovered what my main character does for a living. I was excited every time i thought about it, for the rest of the day. I played with ideas in my head as I followed my usual routine. Finally, around 10 pm, I decided to give my body and mind a rest, and I lay on my bed and watched a little TV. After that, I turned it off and thought of picking up a book, and winding down from my long day. But my imagination clicked on again, and the scenes started playing in my head. “I need to write this down,” i thought. I started from my bedroom to my office, to get my laptop, and then told myself, “No. You deserve a break. Don’t start something now that might take a couple of hours.” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to go back to the bed and the TV. And then, I thought, “What time better than the present?”
And I turned back to my office, grabbed my laptop, and spent the next hour or so fully creating the scenes that were in my head, plus several more that came into being as I wrote the ones I’d already imagined. I spent about half an hour shifting things around in what i’d already written, deepening and editing, and it was sheer joy!
I am sure this happens to all of us from time to time. I”m curious about that perverse taskmaster in me who is responsible for that order I heard – “Don’t start that now.” Is it my Mom? My lazy self asserting its dominance?
Whoever it is, it’s not the friend of the artist in me, who is calling me to put fingers to keys, and pour out all this exuberant imagination onto the page.
I say, “Start it now!”


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