National Blog Posting Month

It’s National Blog Posting Month. The goal for bloggers this month is to write a blog every day for 30 days. I’ve started late but will just keep on until Dec 5. I’ve been writing a blog since early September, so I’m really a newbie to blogging. But I’ve been writing for the stage for 35 years.
Today is my weekly writing workshop, Writing Your Heart Out. I’ve been running this workshop since 1999. Members write whatever they want, mostly plays and solo shows – though we currently have a member writing a novel.
I love Tuesdays, and get excited every Monday night when I contemplate what I’m going to write the next day, and what I am going to hear from the other members of the workshop.
We start our sessions by sharing our work process for the preceding week, and then we write. Then we share and give feedback and write again, and give feedback again and usually that’s our three hours.
I get a lot of work done in these workshops, and often the material I produce ends up on the stage within a few weeks.
Right now I’m working on a play about a woman named Mona, who helps her young male actor friends make money, in ways I won’t mention here, as the play is only 1/3 written and the idea is so fresh and exciting I want to hold it precious for a while longer. Only the women in my workshop know about it.
I didn’t set out to have an all-woman workshop. Men are certainly welcome and have been part of it in the past, but currently and for the last two years, it’s been all females.
And what females! Educated, talented, capable, covering multiple topics. I’ll post again later today about what we end up doing.


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