Louis CK nails it – and it applies to acting too

louie-25Louis CK nails it – and it applies to acting too
By now you’ve probably viewed Louis CK on Conan talking about why smartphones are bad for kids (and adults). He also talks about sadness and existential dread. He makes a comment that applies to acting. He’s talking about how sadness wells up, and if it’s not expressed, it remains. He talks about expressing that sadness, which is then replaced by another emotion, sometimes happiness. There’s an old saying that goes along with this phenomenon – that which we resist, persists. In acting, if an emotion is called up by the text or the situation in the scene, we MUST express it. If you don’t, you get stuck and things don’t move forward. So remember, no matter what you feel on stage, EXPRESS it, and then the next emotions in your body will come out too, and the scene will move forward the way it should. Listen to the brilliant Louis CK – and take his advice on stage with you. (and leave that cell phone in your dressing room)Louis CK with explanation of smartphones and sadness


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